Skinny Minnie

by Joanne Mason on July 12, 2013

My cat has been overweight for some time now.  But at her recent vet appointment, we learned that her new diet is working.  Brushing her that night, I said to her, “Before we know it, you’ll be a skinny Minnie.” Wait – a what?  I never hear this term nowadays.  It’s something my parents used […]


Broken Record

by Joanne Mason on December 4, 2012

Around four this morning, my cat began her request for an early breakfast. “Meow.” “Meow.” “Meow.” “Meow.” “Kitty,” I told her.  “You’re sounding like a broken record!” When someone sounds like a broken record, he or she repeats things over and over. Example 1 Whenever my Mom and I went to the store when I […]