May 2013

Sell Like Hotcakes

by Joanne Mason on May 10, 2013

After all these years, I still remember this McDonald’s breakfast jingle by heart: I was 10 when this commercial was popular and what struck me then was the word hotcakes.  We called them pancakes where I lived. But whatever they were called, I remember McDonald’s hotcakes being a huge favorite and I wouldn’t doubt that […]


Turn a Blind Eye

by Joanne Mason on May 8, 2013

At my friend’s condo complex, you’re not allowed to have bird feeders. She’s not sure why. It may be because bird feeders attract not only birds but squirrels and chipmunks. And mice, if the bird seed isn’t stored well. But my friend loves feeding the birds, so she takes her chances with the rules. She […]


Shrinking Violet

by Joanne Mason on May 6, 2013

Last Friday, I read the following tweet from @BobKievra, the city editor at the Worcester (Massachusetts) Telegram and Gazette: Funeral director for Tsarnaev is no shrinking violet – Worcester Telegram & Gazette –  #BostonMarathon #Worcester Kievra is referring to Peter A. Stefan, the Worcester funeral director who is handling the funeral arrangements for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, […]

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Everything But The Kitchen Sink

by Joanne Mason on May 3, 2013

When you pack for vacation, what do you bring with you?  Do you travel light?  Or do you take everything but the kitchen sink? If you take everything but the kitchen sink, your luggage is very heavy! You bring everything imaginable, even things you might not need or want. Example 1 Francine took everything but […]



by Joanne Mason on May 1, 2013

We’re going to do something a little different today and look at a specific word rather than a phrase. Yesterday, a reader named Laurie asked me about the word limelight. It’s a curious word for sure. If you’re in the limelight, you’re the center of attention. Example 1 Cassie is nervous about her upcoming wedding. […]