July 2012

Business Jargon

by Joanne Mason on July 9, 2012

I’ve been seeing lots of “annoying business jargon” lists these days – lists of words and phrases that are so overused they really get our goat. But I think this video from Integration Training is the best compilation of all: Now it’s your turn!  What’s on your list?


Red Light District

by Joanne Mason on July 6, 2012

Photo by keepwaddling1 via Flickr On Wednesday, we talked about the phrase ghost town and I mentioned this article from Mental Floss about Bodie, California, an American ghost town. The article mentions Rosa May, a Bodie prostitute who cared for miners during an outbreak of pneumonia. The article also includes a photo of Rosa May’s red […]


Ghost Town

by Joanne Mason on July 4, 2012

Photo by mikebaird via Flickr I feel like the phrase ghost town has been following me around for the last few days. First, a friend posted a link to Prefab Sprout’s “Ghost Town Blues” on his Facebook wall. Then, I saw this Mental Floss article about Bodie, California – “the last best ghost town.” Finally, a […]


Raining Cats and Dogs

by Joanne Mason on July 2, 2012

Photo by ultimatekldevil va Flickr How’s the weather where you are today?  Is it raining cats and dogs? Or is it raining something else? In English, if it’s raining cats and dogs, it’s raining heavily. But in other languages, there might be other things falling from the sky. For example, in Czech, it may rain […]