February 2012

Read (Someone) the Riot Act

by Joanne Mason on February 8, 2012

Photo by bobaliciouslondon via Flickr I pulled out Elvis Costello’s “Get Happy!” album the other day, which I hadn’t heard in ages.  The last track, “Riot Act,” got me thinking of this idiom.  When you read someone the riot act, you give that person a severe scolding. Example 1 Joseph made a careless error in the budget.  […]


Shooting Fish in a Barrel

by Joanne Mason on February 6, 2012

Readers Liz and Anna both sent me this video.  I think this man makes some excellent points! When you say something is like shooting fish in a barrel, you’re saying it’s very, very easy. Example 1 Jared said using this software is like shooting fish in a barrel, but I struggle with it. Example 2 […]

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Yes Man (or Yes Woman)

by Joanne Mason on February 3, 2012

The Super Bowl, arguably the biggest U.S. sporting event of the year, will be played this Sunday.   I’m not a football fan, so I won’t watch the game.  But I might watch the commercials. Super Bowl advertising is huge.  Forbes reports that a 30-second spot is costing advertisers up to $3.5 million this year.  And […]


Rabbit, Rabbit Redux

by Joanne Mason on February 1, 2012

I’m happy to say that this blog is back!  After months of preparing my house and packing up to move (interrupted by a tree that fell through the roof in October), I am finally getting settled in my new place and catching up on life. Since today is February 1, I wanted to re-run this […]